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Sunday, October 28, 2012

East Coast and New York warnings. 

To all my friends on the East Coast of the US, especially in the New York area,
I'm extremely concerned for your safety and I pray that you are doing what is necessary to escape the possible ravage of Hurricane Sandy if she hits the way she is expected to.

The nightmare prophecy is upon us. Just received a shocking email from my son, "Dad, Here's the Hurricane you wrote about... you know, the one that will destroy New York! It's supposed to hit early next week and could push 5-10' storm surge into the Big Apple."

This may be the end for New York and others along the way! I warned you about it five years ago, in my book The End Is Come, when I told you it was coming. If you live in New York city get out now. If you wait any longer you may not escape. Between October 29-31 the super-storm is set to hit and the entire city may be underwater. "Hurricane Sandy is expected to affect between 50 million and 60 million people, emergency management and weather officials warned Saturday afternoon. The storm will affect the eastern third of the country -- not just the coast." (ABC World News).
Check out this terrifying Fox News report:
Do an internet video search for "hurricane-sandy-superstorm". It will stand your hair on end!
"A horrendous destruction is about to consume the entire New York City area. Repercussions on the entire country will be horrifying. It is all detailed in The End Is Come by Norbert H. Kox (2007, Amazon). This great doom is prophesied in the Bible and confirmed by current warnings of seismologists and meteorologists. The Bible Code Has recorded virtually every major incident and important historical event since the beginning of time, all written and recorded before they happened. The 9-11 attack on New York is accurately recorded in great detail. An even more devastating tragedy is recorded for New York. It has the potential to produce the worst human suffering since the great flood. It could conceivably be a destruction from which the land will never recover."
I really hope I am wrong and I hope the weather reporters are wrong, but I'm afraid this may be it. So brace yourself for the worst. If you are not planning to evacuate New York, I would suggest you say your prayers and make your peace while you can. A number of my beloved friends live in New York. I pray you take heed and save yourselves from this probable disaster. 
My heart and thoughts are with you and you are in my prayers,
Love and concern,
Norbert H. Kox
P.S. Just a couple of days ago I spoke with a friend on the Island of Bimini and he did not seem concerned as he was only expecting a tropical storm, not a hurricane. Have not had any more word so I do not know how they fared, but overall the Caribbean was hit hard with over 40 deaths, mostly in Haiti.

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