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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Archive Index by Date and Subject (before & after June 20, 2010) 

March 2012:
Art Paris 2012/ Lifetime Achievement Award/ Heaven & Hell show, Chicago/ N.H. Kox book, A Speck Of Atlantis - Bimini: The Top Of God's Mountain

February 2012:
Norbert H. Kox receives Lifetime Achievement Award/ Heaven & Hell show, Chicago/ Bimini show/ LaLuz de Jesus, Los Angeles/ Sacred Museum, Sante Muerte show, Tucson/ Webb Gallery, Texas, Divine Show

September 2011:
Luxembourg, Europe, Galerie TOXIC: Norbert H. Kox and Daniel Martin Diaz./ Switzerland exhibition, Brain-Heart painting explained/ Atomium painting links/ Large discount on Kox books, through September 30/

February 2009:
BOOKS BY NORBERT H. KOX./ Art Paris 2009./ Controversial painting, "The End of Days," is now available in prints./ Luxembourg, Galerie TOXIC show, Enigma, details./ "Masquerade" article by David Damkoehler, Raw Vision, about Norbert H. Kox's artworks depicting Warner Sallman's Head Of Christ./ "Norbert H. Kox; rebel with a cause" by Eva von Stockhausen, Amsterdam./

November 2008:
NORBERT KOX VIDEOS./ The End of Days painting created heated controversy./ Epic painting, Idolatry: The Drugging of the Nations./

August 2008:
Bimini paintings exhibited in Europe./ Some believe Bimini is the tiny speck of land that remains of Atlantis./ Cathy Ward's intricate and obsessive craper board drawings./

June 2008:
The Horse Hospital Presents:
"Norbert H. Kox, American Visionary Artist" approximately 20 minutes (Disinformation).
"American Outsiders: Norbert Kox" approximately 20 minutes (Pulse).
"To Hell and Back: Norbert H. Kox" approximately 20 minutes (various newscasts).
"Sonafeld" Animation by Cathy Ward with sound by Stephen O'Malley 5 minutes./

January 2008:
34th Annual Art Faculty Exhibition, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (collaborative sculpture by Professor David Damkoehler and Norbert H. Kox)./ New, non-fiction book, The End Is Come./ Luxembourg, Europe, Gallery TOXIC, Trapped./ "New Dimensions" is an exhibit of the art of David Klein and Norbert H. Kox./

November 2007:
"New Dimensions" includes Bimini paintings./ Bimini is in the Bermuda Triangle and is known for a high concentration of spiritual energy and healing vortexes, attributed to it's location in the electromagnetic grid./

July 2007:
Video, BBC SEX CRIMES AND THE VATICAN./ Catholic parishes instructs priests to use fear on their victims to keep them quiet./

May 2007:
Video: Positive Power: Your thoughts influence your life. 'The Secret to You' has been especially created to harness all the power of The Secret to transform your life./

March 2007:
CONTROVERSY: THE COLORFUL APOCALYPSE book Employs Untruthful Rhetoric; related correspondences - 666./ Request for recall of book Colorful Apocalypse./ Description of IDOLATRY: THE DRUGGING OF THE NATIONS./

February 2007:

January 2007:
The End Of Days painting creates huge controversy./

December 2006:
THE END IS COME: AN ONLY EVIL BEHOLD IT IS COME! WHO CHANGED GOD’S NAME? APPROACHING DOOM AND THE GREAT DECEPTION./ Miniature paintings inspired by my heart attack./ Paintings of Islander Morris Marvin Bowleg./ Apocalypse House Bimini site./

July 2006:
In My Right Hand: Bimini Bible Codes Research Center./ Importance of the shofar./ Two of Norbert Kox's never-before-seen works./

February 2006:
Island of Bimini tragedies./ Books that talk about my artwork; Miracles Of The Spirit: Folk, Art, And Stories From Wisconsin./ Apocalypse House, Tree of Knowledge Tree of Life Bookstore./

July 2005:
DIABOLIQUE': Images of The Devil in Contemporary Art./

June 2005:
THE IMAGE AND MARK OF THE BEAST In Plain Black and White./

April 2005:
New Apocalypse House research page./

March 2005:

February 2005:

October 2004:
Neville Public Museum, Film Society, documentary on Kox./ Holy H2O: Fluid Universe, Baltimore./

September 2004:
"Delight of the Scribe" multi-media installation./

August 2004:
Voices to Images & About Face./

July 2004:
Voices through images./ ABOUT FACE: Perspectives of the Human Face./

May 2004:
The Art of Assemblage: Object and Inspiration./ Picture Perfect Jesus: The Glamorous Fraud./ The Passion of the Christ./

March 2004:
The Art of Assemblage: Object and Inspiration./ Everything But the Kitschen Sync
The 7th Annual Group Show./ Picture Perfect Jesus: The Glamorous Fraud. Latest Norbert H. Kox solo show at America Oh Yes Gallery./ Accusations of the hateful priest; Letters, pro and con./

February 2004:
Recent article enraged fanatical priest to slander Kox./ Spiritual Journey Green Bay Acclaimed artist Norbert Kox challenges mainstream beliefs./ Norbert Kox Responds to Vicious and Libelous Attack in Priest’s Hate Letter./ ARTIST STATEMENT./

November 2003:
Jeremy and Norbert Kox exhibit first collaboration - an installation around their forged and welded steel sculpture, Stand of the Typha./

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