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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


BOOKS by Norbert H. Kox:

1. The End Is Come! New Bible Code book, Warns of Imminent Danger and Impending Doom with Scientific and Biblical evidence.

2. The End Is Come! and The Holy Cipher. Also, the World's greatest fraud, Who Changed God's Name?

3. A Speck Of Atlantis-Bimini: The Top Of God's Mountain. Last remaining speck of Atlantis identified. Story told in print and paint, with 149 colored pictures by visionary artist Norbert H. Kox.

Visit my storefront to learn more >>



La Galerie TOXIC, ArtParis 2009

Works of Norbert H. Kox, Cathy Ward, Eric Wright and others.


N. H. Kox, Apocalypse House: http://apocalypsehouse.com/

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Apocalypse House Newsletter, February 14, 2009 

Apocalypse House Newsletter
Norbert H. Kox
nhkox@yahoo.com www.ApocalypseHouse.com
February 14, 2009
Dear friends,

This is a reminder of the annual art exhibit of Norbert H. Kox and James Pinder, on the Island of Bimini in the Bahamas.

If you are in the area please join us for this one night exhibition and reception.

Art Show at Bimini All Age School (Courtesy of Bahamas Ministry Of Education)
Monday, February 16, 2009
Brief gallery talk by the artists at approximately 7:30pm.

This exhibit is one night only.

Free refreshments - Everyone welcome

The controversial painting I exhibited this year in the 64th Art Annual at the Neville Museum, titled "The End of Days," is now available in prints of various sizes on paper or canvas. If you are interested please follow this link: http://www.zazzle.com/mrnoah*

There are still two weeks left in the Luxembourg show. If you have not seen it yet there is still time.

Enigma: Group Show
12 December - 28 February 2008
Galerie TOXIC
2, rue de l'Eau

Group Exhibition Enigma at Armand Hein's Galerie TOXIC.

Artistes exposés:
Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert • Jean-Baptiste Bruant• Steve Kasper • Norbert H. Kox • Cathy Ward • Eric Wright
The epic painting, Idolatry: The Drugging of the Nations (9.5-ft x 7-ft)
collaboration by William Thomas Thompson and Norbert H. Kox, will be exhibited for the first time in Europe, in a group exhibition.
It has appeared several times in the US, including Atlanta Folk Fest and American Visionary Art Museum.
Tél. (+352) 26 20 21 43 GSM : (+352) 621 26 47 80
E-mail : toxicgalerie@voila.fr
Web site: www.galerietoxic.com
Expo en cours
Date : 12/12/2008 au 28/02/2009 Les œuvres présentées dans cette exposition de groupe nous montrent des visions singulières et énigmatiques, tel que la fresque monumentale des deux artistes visionnaires américains Norbert H. Kox et William Thomas Thompson, qui s’intitule « Idolatry – The drugging of the nations », exposée à l’American Visonary Art Museum en 2002-2003, la vidéo « Des Néons » de l’artiste français Jean-Baptiste Bruant, les sculptures « Flaschenbaum » et « Monstrance » de l’artiste anglaise Cathy Ward, les peintures de l’artiste américain Eric Wright, les photos des artistes luxembourgeois Gast Bouschet et Nadine Hilbert ainsi que les dessins de l’artiste luxembourgeois Steve Kaspar.

Two recent articles about the works of Norbert Kox, released in December, 2008:

"Masquerade" is an article by David Damkoehler, in the Raw Vision 2008 Winter Issue (December), about Norbert H. Kox's artworks depicting Warner Sallman's Head Of Christ. Damkoehler offers insights into understanding the subversive imagery in Kox's paintings: "In 1992 Norbert H. Kox inherited a framed print, a portrait of Christ that had hung in a prominent position in his parents' home in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This portrait was to inspire a series of skillfully executed works that exploit visual and textual puns to illustrate Kox's deeply skeptical attitude towards organized religion. ..."

"Norbert H. Kox; rebel with a cause" by Eva von Stockhausen, in Out of Art. Magazine for contemporary Outsider Art, December 2008 issue, theme: Religion (3rd year of publication, no. 2- mag appears biannually)

Norbert H. Kox; rebel with a cause
When in 1974 a prayer saves him from an acid trip gone wrong, the life of biker and troublemaker Norbert H. Kox (1945) changes. After receiving an inner calling from God, he gives away his worldly possessions and withdraws into the Wisconsin woods. From then on his life is dedicated to studying the Word of God in its original language: Hebrew. Kox aims to unlock hidden messages in the Bible using a digital matrix called the ‘Bible Code’ and to demonstrate links between events in the past, present and future. He came to realize that modern Christianity, as well as secular society, is a vehicle of evil. From Roman Catholic Christianity to the Freemasons, from Santa Claus to Sallman’s popular Head of Christ, occult powers are at work everywhere. Kox makes his findings public through his visionary paintings’(‘apocalyptic visual parables’), his books, website, Myspace page and films on YouTube. pp. 26-28

Emailadresinfo@out-of-art.nlPostadresPostbus 75158,1070 AD AmsterdamThe Netherlands

Out of ArtMagazine for current Outsider ArtWelcome to the Out of Art website. This art magazine is about current Outsider Art in the broadest sense of the term. In Out of Art, Outsider Art is interpreted as a niche in contemporary art. Each issue focuses on a particular theme as well as containing articles on artists, collectors, inspirational locations, publications and exhibitions. The agenda lists current events. Different authors write columns and there is always a poem on the back cover. Articles and features are also summarised in English to widen the readership. Out of Art is published twice a year. Subscriptions are available. Individual issues can be ordered or purchased in bookshops and studios.
English summary [PDF]

Thank you for your kind interest.Best regards,Norbert H. Kox

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